Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laura you are...

Laura my darling, you are...
The Brigit Bardot to my Serge Gainsbourg (As we're both really hot AND FRENCH!  Later I'm gonna trade you in for a really hot English chick named Jane)
You are the Amy Sedaris to my David Sedaris (because we're both too funny for words)
The Harley Quinn to my Joker (as in, you're always gonna be in love with me, and I'm always gonna be in love with someone else...BATMAN!)
The Courtney Love to my Kurt Cobain.  (IE you will ultimately cause me to commit suicide)

You are the Itchy to my Scratchy (because we're always finding new ways to murder each other, but in a funny way)

You are the pickle to my woman who has pickle phobia (because I'm afraid of you) for more info about this relationship click here

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