Monday, June 15, 2009


So with my Birthday right around the corner and all Kevin. I have been trying to get together a real game plan.
  • Shots i wanna try, like the B-52. For the B-52's! Chocolate Cake Shot. Buttery Nipple. Apple-tine. Stuff like that.
  • Everything i can do on my birthday
    • 80's Night till 12:30
    • Then i gotta hit up them bars till closed
    • Sleep
    • Parents come up
    • I wake up, dress up. Birthday Crown and all.
    • Nice Dinner/Lunch. Begin the drinking again.
    • Bar with Parents. Try all shots i can down.
    • House PARTY! this is where things begin to get hazy
    • Something
    • Something
    • I don't know!
    • Wake up and it's the FOURTH!
  • So i have two themes I am pretty much in love with.
    • The best birthday I've never forget, if i could remember.
    • Amy Winehouse Birthday PARTY!
  • Also i need a cake!
    • there has to be CAKE!

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