Saturday, June 13, 2009


I called you last night Craft! Wanted to tell you how your phone call ruined my entire day. All the food jobs were too busy to get applications from. It was way hotter the whole time i drove around with no air in my car, to remind you how my air doesn't work. Also there were 20 thousand more people on the road and no one wanted to let me drive down the wrong way one both the one way i almost got killed on.

Yesterday was so bad i am going to have to get myself a beehive and drink a bunch to make myself feel better about the 15 bucks i got for 5 movies and 2 cds. I stole to the opera house. I feel rip off.

Nothing was good at the free pile of clothes either. I've gone there everyday this whole week and only got yellow high heels and some shorts that don't totally fit. Zipper is broken too.

All you're fault sir.

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