Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm gonna get my learn on

don't be a fool, be cool

taco taco taco and a sodie pop

I already am apart of your taco parties.  I've got all yo girls!

Using Pics of you to Mock you.

They should be bigger than this. Like Double D's at least.
Shit them Tittes are SMALL!!!

After you give them tittes done you can come to our taco parties you big whore.

We know you are a slutt!

Love ya Bitch!

You're tittes are so small!

Oh Kevin, you know you need a BOOB JOB. I miss Melissa. :(

I like my pushed out tummy the best about that picture.

I looooooook like a model!!!!!

now let's talk about my new look.

should I get a boob job?

Laura's new look continued

Those styles were good, but I think you should stick to this!

My hair looks good down too

My first Rockabilly look.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Goth Laura

I miss being goth, but it's cheaper to have no style at all.

Um that's a picture of me from high school. I didn't get on here cause i was to busy tricking Regine and Brandon to be my friends viva food. I think i've trapped them. Hhahahahaha I am going to have friends and i am going to hang out with peoples!

But really that was a picture of me in high school. I think i found my new fashion calling too....

Hello world of neon slutism. I think i should grow up to become a neon slut. Like this girl!


The No Doubt concert is tomorrow. (I know you haven't read it 400 times on my facebook.)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lolita Laura

This is what you would look like if you were a Lolita.  Also you have an identical twin out there somewhere and your parents never told you about her.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I think you should do something like this for fun, only way better and way crazier.  You should make like shackles or something.  SEXY!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The true story of our Eightes Nights.

Umm if my mother saw all the horrible things you just said and more importantly showed and display as myself. She would have you're head of a plate.

Plus the story goes like this....

I ran into you outside of the fibers buliding. You were being a bitch, as always.
"Are you going to eightes night? You NEVER go! You Suck! Ahhhhhh!"
And i was like, "Shut the fuck up i'm going dammit!"

And then I realized i had nothing to wear.

I was like "Yo Camille you gots anything I can wear???"

And She was like, "You are like so not my size BITCH."

So I made my own Fucking dress!! It was super ugly, because i'm not a fashion designer. i'm a fibers major.

Some where else you were like Shut it Ravel, Imma going to trick Laura into liking me.

To which Ravel responded, "FUUUUUCK NO!"

I showed up to eightes night. You were like, "Nice dress!" *Puke face*

Then i was like look at my hot date, Ravel.

Ravel was like doesn't matter what she's wearing, it coming off in an hour.

And that's how we got here today.

chest hair diet

Little did Laura know that she was losing Kevin AND going on a chest hair diet.  Now she'll only be eating one serving of chest hair daily from her boyfriend Ravel.

I miss eighties night

Remember that one time we went to eighties night and you were like "I'm Laura, look I wear pearls!" and I was like "OMG! you do!" and that bitch in the back(Ravel or Camille) was like hella jealous of us.
And then I was like "whoaaaaaaaa! look at this sweet dance move! it's soo unorthadox!" and you were like "Cool.  Bark. Bark. Meeeeeeeeow!"

That was fun.

Remember when you did this?

remember the mess afterwards?  A scar to tell my children about I suppose.  

Oooooh Yeah!

Rockabilly is the best! I am going to aim for a look for like that. Camille has inspired me to make some clothes and try to always look good. I am working on my super fucking cute mushroom purse i will post pictures when i am done.