Monday, May 25, 2009

The true story of our Eightes Nights.

Umm if my mother saw all the horrible things you just said and more importantly showed and display as myself. She would have you're head of a plate.

Plus the story goes like this....

I ran into you outside of the fibers buliding. You were being a bitch, as always.
"Are you going to eightes night? You NEVER go! You Suck! Ahhhhhh!"
And i was like, "Shut the fuck up i'm going dammit!"

And then I realized i had nothing to wear.

I was like "Yo Camille you gots anything I can wear???"

And She was like, "You are like so not my size BITCH."

So I made my own Fucking dress!! It was super ugly, because i'm not a fashion designer. i'm a fibers major.

Some where else you were like Shut it Ravel, Imma going to trick Laura into liking me.

To which Ravel responded, "FUUUUUCK NO!"

I showed up to eightes night. You were like, "Nice dress!" *Puke face*

Then i was like look at my hot date, Ravel.

Ravel was like doesn't matter what she's wearing, it coming off in an hour.

And that's how we got here today.

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