Sunday, May 24, 2009

I already found a replacement, but ok?

So i believe the sweet young Camille was behind the craglist ad for a new Kevin, which made me love her all the more.

Looking for a new friend needed to replace previous version of Kevin, specifically looking for someone who:
1) Secretly loves Lady Gaga
2) Challenges you to swim races
3) Knows the difference between smiling with your eyes and not smiling with your eyes
4) Commits domestic violence on Camille
5) IS a straight up gangsta bitch
6) Ain't gonna spread for roses
7) And DANCE!!
8) Always present at 80's Night
9) Looks at this fucking hipster and their respective love connections
10) Knows that the T.Rex is the ultimate femme fatale

Some of these just SCREAMED Camille. You know what i'm saying here.

That girl done it!

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