Sunday, August 23, 2009


"Laura and Kevin's Cheesed Monkeys"
Would have the cast of
Me as Ellen Page
because when i make fun of pregnancy and make thousands of Juno reference it would be soooo fucking funny.

Kevin would be umm Chris Pine. Because Kevin doesn't look like a psycho killer. He more clean cut. But still Science fiction nerd base.

Ravel would be Adrian Grenier. Because they could be twins one, and two because you think he's a nice guy most of the time but he could be a real fuckass at times. Like Ravel. He's cute but sometimes usually he's a selfish dip shit of huge portions.
You could still have Kristen Bell Kevin, I would never take that away. But i would make Roseann Barr, my mother and my mother would be a little pissed. But it honestly is the closest to reality without putting my mom on tv.

The big haired Bitch i made fun of throughout the movie would be Brittany Murphy, nothing says dumb trailer trash like Brittany Murphy. I mean look at her what a little whore.

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