Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Your creepy ass friends

So your friend Danial Elliot or whatever left a big bag of smelly sweaty clothes (I don't mean men's clothes ) at your apartment as a leave behind. Blake doesn't want to call him because then he has to hang out with him. So you might get a magical new bag of smelly sweaty woman's clothes.

Also how many times are you going to have a last 80s night ever?


  1. at least 6.

    hahahaha Leave behind. More shit to get rid of i guess. I just got rid of over half the crap in my room, and people keep giving me shit i dont want. They give it to me and I think "straight to goodwill"

  2. haha. actually this upcoming thursday is my last 80s night! you should burn daniel elliot's clothes right in front of him